Professional wargames miniature and scenery painting



I offer several different painting standards, from the quick and easy cheap minis to the more expensive and complex, so you should be able to find something to suit your budget!

BASIC STANDARD - the quickest and cheapest option, great if you're building an army! Prices are £2.50 a model for a 28mm scale mini - check out the photo gallery to see examples of 'Basic' standard paintjobs.

GAMERS STANDARD - the next level up from basic, and usually used for the command section of units. £3 a model for a 28mm scale mini - check out the photo gallery to see examples of 'Gamers' standard paintjobs.

COLLECTORS STANDARD - another level up from 'Gamers', these cost £5 a model per 28mm mini. I sell a fair amount of this standard, as they're usually used on special character models or to look nice on the shelf. Again, check out the photo gallery for examples.

EXPERT STANDARD - £10 a model per 28mm, these are painted for people who want something a little extra, with blended highlights and super detailed bases.

GOLDEN DEMON STANDARD - as you would expect, these take a while to paint and are priced accordingly - they start at £30 per model with no upper limit (gasp!), although they do take around a month to do.


6mm - as models of this size are fairly simple to paint (your eyes fill in a lot of the detail) and as they’re mainly used for HUGE armies, I can do these for 50p per strip of 4 figures

10mm - For Games Workshop Warmaster units I usually charge £6 per three base unit, or £1 a strip. Artillery, monsters and characters are £4 - £6 per pack, depending on what you’re after. Other companies, such as Kallistra and Pendraken, I charge 25p per foot figure, 75p per cavalry. Discounts for large orders, of course!

15mm - roughly £1 per foot figure, £1.50 for mounted and £2.50 for vehicles. Best to ask me though...if you have a list of what you want I can give you a competitive quote

54mm - as they’re a decent size, and usually single figures, they deserve an bit of care and attention lavished on them...double the prices per standard (so a Collectors standard 54mm model would be £10 to paint), although for multiple models I'd be happy to give a discount

Larger figures, busts, full size Blood Bowl helmets etc, best to ask me really, especially if you’ve got ideas about an outlandish Blood Bowl helmet design!




SPECIAL OFFERS - as Blood Bowl is a particular favourite of mine, i can offer a full team of 16 models painted to Expert Standard for only £120, saving you £40!

Discounts on large orders and to repeat customers - best to email me with what you have in mind, and i'll see what i can do!

SCENERY - I can make some pieces (Blood Bowl dugouts, woods, cliffs, canyons etc, prices on application), but i will also paint bought scenery to the standards and prices above.