Professional wargames miniature and scenery painting

About Me


Well, i've been gaming and painting for over twenty years...although i did have a break of a couple of years while i tried to make it in the music industry...strangely, the world has so far resisted the lure of Cornish thrash punk...hard to believe, but there you go!

While i was working as a chef i started to work part time for Games Workshop in their Truro store - the sheer number of models i had to paint in a very short time meant i got good quickly, and kept improving (although some of my friends claim my painting pixies do most of the work...keep taking the pills guys!).                                                                                                        While i was there i learned to play many games, but i enjoy playing Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim, Warmaster and Warhammer Ancients mainly...although a smattering of other games have wormed their way into my affections (Frag, Victory at Sea, Legends of the Old West etc). I started to play Warhammer roleplay while in school, GM'ing many, many sessions before i found the dark and eerie writings of HP Lovecraft and started running Call of Cthulhu games. Many character deaths later (isn't it strange how some players are determined to shoot their way out of a situation? Somehow they never last long...) and it's still one of my favourite games.

Think that's about it...i'd better get on, mini's to paint and all!

cheery bye!

(pics above show me in 1:1 scale with invisible pixies on the left, and mini me with visible pixies on the right...models from Hasslefree minis and Baccus 6mm)